One of the first questions people ask of us is, “Why Monsters?” First off, monsters are a lot of fun. Second, we have some pretty famous monster makers here in Greeley that helped get the ball rolling. Third, we found a nonprofit to collaborate with called Don’t Be A Monster that does school assemblies and presentations to spread an anti-bullying message. When the ideas started coming together, it was like lighting in a bottle and the first-ever Monster Day was born in 2017.

Monsters have had a huge impact on entertainment and pop culture in our society. Fun monsters, scary monsters, monsters for kids, classic monsters, monsters as mascots…they have become part of the fabric of our culture. , so we got together and decided to create a day to celebrate everything about monsters, and found a way to do the event and raise funds for the Don’t Be a Monster organization.

Proceeds from Monster Day Greeley go to Don’t Be a Monster to help them deliver their unique and entertaining anti-bullying to students. They have given over 1200 presentation, and visited over 800 schools, in over 25 cities.

From Don’t Be a Monster:

We offer unique and entertaining anti-bullying assemblies for students in 4th-10th grade. Our mission is simple: we work to educate and empower youth to be leaders around diversity, inclusiveness, and show them how to stand up for their friends and peers. 

Our assemblies are delivered in the months of late September through November, during National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and the Halloween season. Don’t Be a Monster’s program is highly effective: 98.14% of schools surveyed post-presentation find our material beneficial and memorable for their students.

Consider this your invite. Come join us on August 17, 2019, in Downtown Greeley, Colorado, for a full day of celebrating the monsters that we love, while supporting a group that helps children stand up to the real monsters in the world.