What is a Monster Shake? Where do I get one? Why don’t I have one?

Come in enjoy a one of a kind Monster Shake and help your community! Aunt Helen’s Coffee House has partnered with the Weld Food Bank with a fun Monster Day promotion. Beginning on August 21, Aunt Helen’s will donate 5 meals to the Food Bank for every Monster Shake sold, until August 26, Monster Day! Monster Shakes will be available until mid-September.

Shakes are available for a limited time. Flavors include Chocolate Decadence, Snickers, and Vanilla Dream.

Aunt Helen’s is located at 800 8th Avenue in Downtown Greeley. Aunt Helen’s will be open late (until 7 p.m.) on Monster Day.

Greeley Gremlin at Aunt Helen's

Monster Shake

Gremlin with Flyer