Photo ops are one of the best part about Monster Day. Aside from the roaming costumed actors, and the hundreds of dressed up attendees, Distortions Unlimited puts out dozens of their amazing, monstrous creations around the 8th and 9th Street plaza for monster lovers to enjoy, interact with, and take pictures. There are a few new monsters to be on the lookout for this year including, ‘The Mutant.’

The Mutant

Mutant is a savage, ultra scary, animatronic prop with a sci fi horror vibe. This professional animatronic has realistic, radically fast movement and can spray blasts of water or air from its mouth. Standing seven feet tall, there is no escaping the Mutant! See more from Distortions.

Some other new additions you can be on the lookout for at this year’s event include; Ed’s “Monster Lamborghini” that screams like a monster, smokes, has lasers. A new piece called “Ask the Brain.” Monster Day guests will get to ask it a question and you’ll want to make sure you’re around to see what it does when it answers. As well as a giant head that was used at Dick Van Dyke’s this past Halloween. (He even recorded the vocal tracks used in the piece!)

And there will of course be a plethora of other Distortion’s creations around that you may have or have not seen in years past. Don’t forget your camera!


For fans of Distortions, you also won’t want to miss their speed painting demo on the main stage and giving away some monstrously cool stuff.