According to the Internet, August 14 is National Monster Day! Could the timing be any better, with Monster Day Greeley set to take place this weekend? We think not. So, celebrate your favorite monster(s) and mark your calendars to join us for a HUGE celebration in Downtown Greeley on August 18!

Monsters have been a part of culture for centuries. Some are scary, some are cute, and they have been around since the dawn of civilization as way for people to cope with, or explain things we fear. (Here is an interesting read on pop culture’s fascination with monsters by Jenny Zaret.)

“Children love fairy tales for the same reasons we all love frightening stories — because they allow us a kind of mastery.” “They’re comforting, but also titillating, certainly for adults. It’s that idea of ‘you escaped.’ ” – Leo Braudy 

We revel the in fascinatingly fun stories our brains can create using monsters and want to celebrate how big a part of our popular culture they have become. So, let our your roar, your scream, your screech, your howl, and have a happy #NationalMonsterDay!

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